Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quit whining, Netflix.

Oh, whatever, Netflix. Your whining has grow tiring and predictable:

The Internet is perfectly fine. The internet is fantastic. I have like two dozen tabs with like gif files open and the internet is fast as shit:

The Internet, basically, is much more competent than your inconsistent ass, Netflix, so enough with the fucking theatrics.

(I'm sorry, Netflix, please come back. I love you and your affordability and huge library. I didn't mean it, I was just having a moment, you know how I get when I don't have my X Files or King of the Hill. You're such a good video delivery service, I've never had a video delivery service like you. You let me write about all my favorite stupid shows. When I make it to the big time, I'm going to take you shopping and buy you lots of stuff.)

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