Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The New York Times: newspaper of record (for rich people)

The New York Times is all over this economic crisis!

A screenshot of a New York Times Google RSS item. The title is

Such an immediate and important and of the moment problem: what do you eat if you have limitless money? I know these are the questions that keep me up at night.

Gotta love this quote from the actual piece too:
Money is not an issue! I love that phrase. It comes up in my correspondence more often than you might think.
Wealth is totes awesome, right?

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faye said...

This reminds me of how the NYT reported recently that studies show that over 70,000/year, money doesn't increase happiness.

Really? Regardless of circumstance, prior debt, hospital bills, collapsing house, bankrupcy, eight children, emphysema ...whatever? There's NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION EVER that could be alleviated by more than 70,000? You couldn't be even more happy if you could say shit like "money is no object" to your coworkers? I all?

I get that sometimes it's an issue of recurring stress, that people put more stress on themselves to keep up with the Jones', live outside their means, assume money is what's making them happy when it could be watching Glee with their bf which someone with less money could be doing. But seriously?

I feel like the NYT is very VERY like the people I run into all the time at the store who are a lot like my parents: used to be hippies, radical leftists as young adults, working class background, now somewhat-more-moderate-liberal white (lawyer/doctor/creative artist/business people)s who think they're SUPER INFORMED because they watch documentaries and vote Dem and mostly have no idea of their own privilege.