Sunday, June 27, 2010

Really, I don’t get the big deal about sandwiches

All Star Sandwich Bar: Falafel Burger, Tomatoes, Onions, Sprouts, Cucumbers and Tahini on Whole Wheat. Scanned by Weekly Dig for Roflcon at Cambridge, Mass
Man, fuck sandwiches.

For whatever reason, people on the internet love them some sandwiches. Jessica from Go Fug Yourself talks of them frequently. I remember the first time I heard about Twitter, it was framed as “hey there’s this service where people make short updates about sandwiches mainly!”

Yes, different varieties and combinations of vegetables, meat, condiments, and frequent though not necessary cheese between two slie of bread is quite a thing on the Internet. Mayo, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, beef, provalone, pickles, mozzerella, mustard, onions, between rye, wheat, sourdough. Et cetera. Okay, I’m getting the point. Lots of good stuff, lots of different stuff.

Perhaps I’m unfairly prejudiced against sandwichs. But they’re just not that tasty to me. They get soggy, and spill out the sides, and just don’t come out right in my mouth.

Homemade: Fresh Turkey, Sprouts, Swiss Cheese, Purple Onions On a Baguette.

See? The fuck am I going to take all those damn sprouts in my mouth at once? No mustard or anything, shit.

I just don't get it. All the component parts are there. Love meat. Love veggies. Love love love bread. Love condiments (particularly mayo). But together, it's just not that tasty to me.

I’m not saying I can’t get down with a grilled cheese every so often. But most of the time? No, thanks, stuff-in-bread. Whatever, sandwiches.

All photos from scanwiches

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faye said...

I personally love sandwiches, but this is pretty funny :D

Also, your phrasing makes me want to imagine you as a guest star on Achewood or something (man, I don't even read that comic, my roommate just shows me a lot of it) and that's pretty hilarious in itself.

....There IS a lot of chatting about sandwiches on Twitter. Huh.